FAQ/Purchasing Info

Order Minimum: $35.00 (excl. shipping and handling)
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.
Shipping season west of the Rockies : Year round, weather permitting.
East of the Rockies and Rockies: March 1st through November 30th, weather permitting!
If you like your order shipped outside the main season, you'll have to provide us with a ship date. Otherwise we'll ship beginning next season.

We ship to the US only, excluding US Territories.

Where can I buy your plants in person?
Order procedure
Shipping services and schedule
Hints on how to use our website
Order by mail
Order by phone
Shipping costs

Where can I buy your plants in person?
You can visit us at the following 2022 plant sales:

  • Unfortunately, we're not able to attend the HPSO plant sale in 2024
  • Unfortunately, most likely no Open House in 2024. If do have one, it would be May 11 or May 18.

Order Procedure:
Substitutions: We never substitute without permission. If we are for some reason not able to complete your order, we will contact you to find out if you'd like a substitute or a deduction of the total. If we can’t reach you, and/or it’s a small part of the order, we just scratch it in order to ship the package out in a timely fashion.

Orders must be accompanied by payment. We accept the following credit cards online: Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and PayPal. Credit cards are charged at the time of placing the order. Although we’d prefer charging credit cards right before shipping, the time lost in charging the cards in the main shipping season and especially running after payments because the card went bad in the meantime, has forced us to switch to real time processing. We’ll still reimburse if shipping costs are considerably lower.

Please note any comments or special instructions in the "COMMENTS" box.

Make sure to hit the "Confirm Order" button after the "Proceed Checkout" button. An email confirmation will be sent to you. * Please print out the confirmation to keep for your records * If you have not received a confirmation, please contact us by email.

We guarantee that you receive healthy, established plants true to name. If you have any problems with your order we would be happy to help you. Please contact us within 10 days. Plants are living creatures and there are many factors playing a role in growing them successfully. Once they are out of our control, we cannot be responsible for them. We cannot be responsible after 10 days or for more than the price of the plants. We cannot guarantee that the plants will bloom the same year even when sold as blooming size. Again, plants are living creatures and nothing is set in stone or 100% sure. Also, we always pull the best and largest possible plants – first come, first serve. We try our hardest to pack in a manner so that they’ll arrive as fresh as a flower, but shipping plants by mail has its limitations. You can’t expect them to look like they were picked up at your local nursery after being packed and jostled around in a box for several days. We know most of you are aware of that.

Cold Hardiness: The USDA hardiness zones indicated are to be used as a general guide only and not as a guarantee. Cold hardiness depends on many more factors than just average minimum winter temperatures: Soil type, fertility, microclimate, time of planting, abnormal weather patterns etc., etc.

Shipping Services and Schedule:
We generally use US Priority Mail (2-3 days) for small and some medium sized orders and UPS 3rd Day for larger orders. 

Orders are shipped in the order received. (We will try to honor preferred shipping dates as best as we can) June through January we usually ship Tuesdays. If we receive your order by Friday night, we can usually ship the next Tuesday, but can't guarantee it. 

In the main season, February through May, we ship Monday through Wednesday, starting with orders going east of the Rockies. Please allow up to two weeks from date of ordering. In very busy times, usually most of April, it can take over 2 weeks, so please be patient. Note that by that time we have 100s of orders on file that came in January through March and we ship those in the requested week.

For orders going east of the Rockies placed November through February: If you don't indicate a ship date, we'll ship in:

March for USDA Zones 7 and 8
April for Zones 5 and 6
May for zones 4 and 3

If you're able to accommodate the plants earlier, like in a greenhouse or enclosed porch, you can ask for an earlier date. Either way, it helps us if you put down a shipping date; it will take out the guesswork on our part and save emails, which we have plenty of as it is. You may also let us know specific weeks that you can't receive plants.  

Hints on how to use our website:
In order to use our extended search features in fullest, click first on SEARCH/BROWSE CATALOG at the top of our site. This will give you the options to sort by the alphabet, price or when created, which places the newest plants on top.
On the left you'll see all the attributes that can be chosen.

Alternatively, you can click on SPECIALTIES, also at the top, for a list of specialties and also links to: plants with quantity discounts, fairy gardening, own introductions and bulbs/bare root.

When you are finished shopping, click CHECKOUT & fill out the required information (indicated by the asterisk *. Please list your preferred ship date, as it takes out some of our guesswork.

Orders by Mail:
The best way is to email us your list of plants and a shipping address. We'll then determine the shipping costs.
Once you know the total, you can send payment - check or money order - to:

Edelweiss Perennials
29800 S Barlow Road
Canby , OR 97013

We're not able to process credt/debit cards fron our end.

Orders by Phone:
We're not set up for taking phone orders, as we're not able to process credit cards by phone. If you need to call us for any reason, please leave a message at 503-263-4680. The best way to contact us is by email. As of 11/29/2023, we have had trouble with our email form. An alternate email is:  balts_@_canby_._com.
(no lines, these are to prevent email address harvesting)
Shipping Cost:
For online orders: Shipping costs will be automatically generated by the estimated weight we assign to every plant. It will also add a nominal $3.00 handling fee per order. Please note the weight and thus the cost will be an estimate, usually very close to the actual cost. If the difference is significant we will reimburse your account. Please understand this is a courtesy service on our part that does take time to do and quite rare in our trade. On top of it, the credit card processing company charges a percentage (again) for returns. Reimbursements for small amounts are thus not feasible.
For orders by mail/order form: Please use the chart at the bottom of the order form. Pick your region, add the base amount (6.00, 8.00 or 9.00) only once per shipment plus the per plant cost for every single plant. Just like online, this is an estimate and we'll handle eventual reimbursements same as outlined above.
If you like to read on:
Shipping costs are a challenge to estimate. Please keep in mind that our plant prices don't include shipping costs and that we're shipping from the West Coast. (You can look up yourself what carriers charge for lets say 8 lbs. = 8 plants). The plants are shipped with intact root balls, making them a bit heavier. We feel the plants will establish faster and it is more convenient for you, especially if you are not able to plant right away. Also, we don’t ship parcel/ground service across the US; these take 6-8 days and we couldn’t guarantee the plants anymore. For small orders (2-4 plants), shipping costs can easily be almost as much as the plants or even more. The reason for that is that the carriers have a base cost per package, regardless of weight, and we need to add our $3.00 packing and handling fee to partially cover labor costs. Keep in mind the smallest package takes about ½ hour from start to finish; printing the order, printing tags, pulling the order, grooming and packing plants, create shipping label. Additionally most packages involve one or more of the following: correspondence by phone and/or email, reimbursing costs or a trip to town to drop off US Mail.  

In short: We do not make money on shipping

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns by giving us a call or dropping us an email. Thank you!